Wedding Woes

My mom needs a punch.

In the face and in the junk. I sent her and a couple of people the link to the baby blog this morning. The blog was mostly DH's idea and I think it's kind of a good one. DH is also really anxious to tell people so he wanted the both of us to start spreading the news. He's excited...what can I say?So I posted it on Facebook this afternoon. People have obviously seen it, and commented on it. And my mom calls me up to let me know that she wished I would have waited. She wanted to call some people and tell them in person, not be called and told that they already knew. I told her it was really my news to share, that we were excited and wanted to tell people. My sister and I had a realization earlier this week that despite how she visibly looks, she enjoys being a little unhappy for other people. She refuses to understand that if she doesn't like something/someone, that other people do. I think this is one of those moments and next time she starts, I'm going to tell her to STFU.
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