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I'm assigned to the Seattle Wedding Show in January for my company (for obvious reasons according to my Boss) and I had to smile a little when I got the exhibitor list this morning and saw my Venue (and caterer) on it.  I knew from when we did our walk through/tasting that he was going to be showing but it made me chuckle a little.

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    I've been to the Wedding Show twice, and it is CRAZ-ZAY going on the Bride side but still fun.  I can't imagine how super busy it will be as a vendor.  I hope you get a few spare moments and can chill out and sample some of the yummy free food!
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    Sadly as a contractor for the building we're not allowed; unless I go as an attendee.  It looks bad if we do.  But I plan on stopping by my venue's booth to say hi and wandering through and checking things out of course.  Hey, if the boss puts me on the show I'm going to take advantage:) 
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