a friend of mine is planning a wedding for next august..she wants to know DJ's.. since she's prime wedding season, i want to know ALL of the DJ's in the area...so...who are you using/did you use? who else did you look at? thanks!
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Re: DJ's

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    Jeremy Hamel of Sonic Entertainment. We tried to get the owner -- Don Tonic -- but he was unavailable. I recommend either of them highly -- Don did the wedding for a good friend of mine.

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    We are using Tony Schwartz Weddings. He is great! He has a lot of creative ideas and he does a lot more than just play music. He is pretty pricey because of that but totally worth it, and if its a sunday or friday it's about 1/2 price. You can check him out on facebook or at   www.tswdj.com

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    WOW. Good timing!  I'm totally piggybacking on this post.  I'm looking at DJs right now too. Any insight is welcome!  I searched the archives but would love any additional imput!  Lots of Jeff Hill recommendations on the boards, and Bambo beats. 
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    Bamboo Beats is the best!  Husband/wife team, very nice, turn tables, very into music, funky.  And I'm not the only who thinks that.

    We also met w/ Jeff Hill (we didn't click w/ him), GenX Pro (seemed professional, nice, but didn't fit our music style/personality, would be a good fit if you're into traditonal wedding music, classics, rock -- we wanted more funk, hip hop, r&b), Adam's DJ (way too cheesy for us).
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    Ditto bamboo beats. They are aweeeeeesome!
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    Chris Graves, yoursongdj.com
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    goodtimes dj service - Brian Waltz

    He was amazing and offers uplighting as well!!! He REALLY knows what gets the crowd going and how to time the music based on whose out on the dance floor. He is EXTREMELY sweet and isnt cheesy at all!!! he pays very close attention to the night. For example, my moh mention how we used to dance to wannabe by spice girls and later in the night he played it!! hahah

    We orginally wanted see Austin Beaver's pricing since he has lots of ads, but he was busy and we didnt even get pricing. But he recommended Brian as well!
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    What was Brian Waltz's pricing?
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    Chris Graves @ yoursongdj.com  my fiance and I just signed a contract with him. He is so great and not at all cheesey. I was really against having a cheesey DJ. Anyway he is more expensive but I have a feeling he will be totally worth it. He even has a website you can access where you can enter all your wedding info and songs you need to have played/ dont want to have played. It is linked to itunes so you can sample the songs as well. Another option he offers is a live band, we decided against it, but that seems pretty unique. All in all he is a great guy who seems to really enjoy his job.
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