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I started googling this question but then I thought, hey, I'll just ask my knotties!

I was wondering if anyone knew the proper way to seat parents and grandparents?  Is it only the women who walk in with the usher after everyone is seated? So the men are already seated and the ushers walk the women in? Or do the men simply follow behind the women when they are being seated?
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Re: Seating - Ceremony

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    I don't know how you're doing the ushering, but the WC at our church suggested that they just get seated like everyone else, just last. If you're following Emily Post/Amy Vanderbilt ushering technique, this means that each usher escorts a lady to her seat, and her date follows right behind the usher+lady pair.

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    If you don't care what's proper, you can do anything you like.  I've seen weddings where all the family just walked in last b/f the processional started.  I tried to match up femals and males to walk in together.

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