Wedding Woes


Gold fairy wings?Also does this mean your schedule is maybe a bit freer re: me visiting?  I know we're hitting the vineyards probably the 18 or 19, so we'll probably come to Phoenix 20-21 or 19-20-21, depending which day we go to the vineyards.

Re: ::Val::

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    Gold fairy wings. Whatever, they're happy. I'll try to get my daughter's pics for FB later. Yes, I should be free to meet when you get here. I don't know about trekking about much but if you want to hit the new Wild Horse Pass while you're here I'm hearing really good things about it and it's just down the street, really. They're opening the new nightclub over there tonight. Sounds a little lively for me, but I could be persuaded after a couple of holiday cocktails.
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    Suh-weet.  Besides, PMeg is the enforced DD now since she went and got knocked up, thus ruining Operation Drunkard.  :)I'm not much of a nightclub person anymore.  I figured we'd all just meet up at a restuarant and giggle obnoxiously loud until we cleared it out ala WW Washington.  I figure the 3 of us can have the same effect that 10 of them did.  :)
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