Shoe disease

I think I am nuts!  I swore that I wasn't going to spend a lot of money on shoes since they won't really be seen, but I've just bought my fourth pair of wedding shoes!!

The background...months ago I ordered 2 pairs from Zappos...neither pair was really expensive.  One went back immediately and I kept the other pair.  They were comfortable and go with my gown, but they never quite excited me.

Then I bought another pair that I really liked (not too expensive), but they weren't comfortable.  Unfortunately, I waited too long to decide and they're not returnable.  That's ok, I'm going to repurpose the crystal decorations.

As for the fourth pair...I have been coveting a pair of shoes since I first looked at my photographer's website.  I found those shoes and they were too high, but I found lower style that was very similar and I finally decided to buy them.

Am I crazy?  Technically, I can still return the other Zappos pair...

Re: Shoe disease

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    jennuinnejennuinne member
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    you are a little crazy. i'd retun the other one if you love the new ones..

    i agree with pp that we need pics!
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    Here are the ones that I just ordered! 

    Here are the original shoes...

    I will return the ones that I don't use.  I love that Zappos has a 365 day return policy!!
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    mgoss228mgoss228 member
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    After I read the original post, my initial response was to keep all the shoes, and wear one pair to a Shower, B-Party, RD, and then your all time favorite/most comfortable (whichever is more important to you) on your Wedding Day.

    But since the two shoes you posted look so similar.... I like the look of the original shoes more (the 2nd photo).  But if the first pair is way more comfy, I would go with those.  It depends on what you want!
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    dreamwindsdreamwinds member
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    Why get rid of shoes?! I am all sad right now that I am going to have to sell or give away a large part of my shoe collection cause my feet have gotten smaller in the last few months. ._.;;;;

    I actually like the first shoe more than the second, but I prefer the skinny strappy + sparkly look in general.
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    Dreamwinds - how the hell did you get smaller feet?! In the past 3 year, somehow my left foot got bigger :( So I wanna know the trick to make it the size it used to be (and is the size of my right foot!)
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    Thanks for the input. 

    Dreamwinds - the strappy/sparkly part of the new shoes is why I think I like them so much, too!  I guess I just need to see if they're comfy.  Hopefully, they'll arrive soon!
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