Anyone had experience with Wallace Falls Lodge in Goldbar?

Just been out to view the venue. The outdoor spaces are gorgeous, but I am not as impressed with the interior of the lodge itself and the quality of the chairs and tables. I am also completely unfamiliar with vendors out in the area and am worried about getting hair and makeup done and getting a really good caterer. (monroe, sultan, goldbar).

Anyone have experience on this one?

Re: Anyone had experience with Wallace Falls Lodge in Goldbar?

  • Hey emross!!

    I am a little biased as one of my bridesmaids parent's own Wallace Falls Lodge. My suggestion is if you are liking the outside best, maybe you can just plan a summer wedding so that everyone would stay outside most of the time? They have the cabana to set up for the meals and such. As far as tables and chairs, are you going to be using table cloths anyway? If so, just get the color/quality you like for those and you wont even be able to see the tables and chairs. 

    Let me know if you have any questions on the lodge, and I would be happy to help. I know the family personally (they will all be attending my wedding next month) and I'd be happy to help you out if I can. 

    I live out in Everett but grew up in Monroe, and me and my FI's families all live in Monroe. Our photographer is from the area as well, so I can definitely point you to her if you need a good photographer. As for catering, the only place in that area I know of that caters is a small family owned Mexican restaurant. REALLY good food, just not sure if thats what you are looking for for your wedding. 

    Good luck, and have fun planning!!
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  • ladyscronin77ladyscronin77 member
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    I considered there for my wedding as well!  It is beautiful~ there are some more independently owned places around that can cater out there (I know my baker does- not just bakery items, lol - but she is a gluten free baker so not sure if that is up your alley or not). 

    Ashley - cool that you know the family! might be a great asset to anyone else with questions or concerns!
  • I also considered it for my own wedding, but like emross, I wasn't too impressed with the inside decor, not really my style. However the outside if gorgeous, and there are a tons of places there for great photographs. My FI and I actually did our engagement photos up at Wallace Falls up the trail a bit, that was a lot of fun!
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  • I can't imagine a Seattle caterer not traveling to Gold Bar.  There might be some sort of travel fee (usually minimal), but most would go out there.  Our reception will be in North Bend, which might be a little close to down town Seattle, but I have no problem asking my vendors to travel.  The same is true for hair and makeup, there are several artists that travel to the site.
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