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Media and Popular Culture 24 + scoring

SCORING: Four points maximum. Score 1 point for each of the three for which you have watched an entire episode and a bonus point if you watch any of them regularly.

Re: Media and Popular Culture 24 + scoring

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    hell, this should be asking about Maury or Springer.

    bonus points if you ever attended a taping. *wink* @ Zzilla.
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    ReturnOfKuusReturnOfKuus member
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    I'm sure Maury and Springer are scored differently, like instead of the four points or so you get from saying yes to this question, you get thirty million points for saying yes to Maury or Springer.
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    What if you were on Dr. Phil and then Maury?
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    WzzWzz member
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    barbie, you have a point, but the taping is in a major metro area. if it were taped in rural west virginia, i am sure it would have been a bonus point!
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