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funny Dex story

At least I thought it was funny.

We've been asking him for a few weeks now, "Are you going to be 2?"  And he grins and holds up 2 fingers (usually.  It was hard for him to get the fingers right for a while.)

So last night before bed, I asked him if he was 2. He smiled and showed me his 2 fingers on both hands.  And I said, "How about we have a party for you because you're 2?"  (There was a lot more "I'm two!" before he picked up on the party part.) 




"Yes!  A party with balloons and cake!"

"No cake."

"No cake?"

"I kee."  (Ice Cream)

HA!  I told him yes, he could have ice cream at his party.  He cracks me up!  I about died when he said "no cake."


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