Wedding Woes

MIL did have a rather assy moment

The shower is winding down and and people, including MIL, are helping to break down tables and chairs. I walk outside to hear MIL and her friend clucky away loudly like a couple of hysterical hens.

MIL & Friend: "Os pés! Os pés!" (unintelligible Portuguese)
The friend grabs me, more unitellible Portuguese, "Os pés! Os pés!"

Friend points at my mother's friend. What they're saying, loudly, is "The FEET!"

Mom's friend is morbidly obese and her legs are terribly swollen. It must be a lymph thing, IDK. One leg is much worse than the other. The skin hangs over an ankle and drags on the ground. It is shocking to see and it is gross. I was more disgusted by MIL and her friend's behavior. It doesn't matter that mom's friend can't understand Portuguese. MIL and Friend still behaved like a couple of dipshits.

Also, MIL stares at people with handicaps, especially those with down syndrome. I guess in the old country those people were hidden away in asylums.
MIL is thrilled you're joining the family. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Re: MIL did have a rather assy moment

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