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I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations for places to shop for wedding dresses? I'm getting married in Hawaii but live here on the eastside. I'm looking for places either on the eastside or Seattle. And also places that are not pushy :-) Thanks!

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  • So I know this is a drive for you, but I loved this boutique and ultimately bought my dress here. Pearls and Lace in Burien. They let you pull your own dresses. No appointments needed. You pull dresses try them on and they clip you in, they don't offer too much pressure or feedback unless you interact with them first which I kind of like. When I first went into this shop, I asked where I should start and the lady pointed me to the sale rack first. I thought that was really neat.
  • Aw man.. The place I went to wasn't pushy AT ALL. The ladies were sooo sweet and fun to work with, gave us complete space, and I actually found my gown at their outlet for 70% off.. buuuut it's in Bellingham :/ 
    if you ever pop up that way it's Alicia's Bridal.
  • I went to I Do Bridal, La Belle, and Marcella's. I ultimatesly got my dress at Marcella's but all three were amazing. No pressure, pulling your own dresses, all the consultants really listened and made shopping for a dress a totally amazing experiece. I can't remember the name of the al at I Do, but Jill at La Belle and Meredith at Marcella's were lovely. I'd totally recommend all three stores.
  • I went to Wedding Belles in Tacoma Washington. They have the largest selection of bridal gowns in the pacific northwest and are extremely friendly and provide honest opinions
    I'm a size 0 so it was hard for me to get an idea of what the gowns would look like in my size I told her exactly what i was looking for and the gowns she gave me were perfect, she even gave me other options to try to make sure i was happy with the choices she gave me to try on. I didnt really have a buget when it came to my gown so i was happy that they gave me dresses priced low to high whereas the downtown seattle bridal stores i went to made sure i tried on their most expensive gowns.
  • I'd 2nd Pearls and Lace.  That's where I got my dress and they're totally laid back as well.  I also went to I Do bridal in Fremont and they wern't pushy at all either, but the selection seemed smaller.
  • Thanks everyone for places to go! I'm most likely going to have my dress custom made from Dresses and Dreams down in Vancouver. But I want to go shopping first to either get an idea or incase I find one that I love.
  • I ended up buying my dress from New Beginnings on South Hill, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience all-around.

    I also highly recommend Alfred Angelo in Southcenter. Great quality, nice atmosphere and salespeople.

    Something Blue in Sumner was also really nice, if a little small.

    I went to Pearls and Lace, too. Gorgeous quality, but a bit pricey couture stuff.

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