Wedding Woes


I feel you on the BFing. About 2-3 weeks ago I realized my supply was slowly tanking. So I bought a bottle of formula and then cried in the car in the Walmart parking lot. So stupid but I felt in some ridiculous way that I was a horrible mother for giving my child something other than breastmilk. When I went to the pedi they looked at me like I had nine heads. You have to see the flip of it all...he's gone this long on breast milk, he will continue to get it, and you've done it longer than many mothers do. In the end, my Mr Chubby is healthy and that's all that matters. He never had any issue taking a bottle of formula and quite honestly, at 2 am it's easier to give him that that wake my tired ass up to feed him or give him a bottle of pumped milk.


  • I, too, had the ugly cry when I had to start supplementing.  Poor grocery store boy.  He asked if he could help, and I turned around and showed him my soaked face.  He said, "I'll be right over there, mkay?" and went down about 20 feet and started organizing the diapers.
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