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Tamazon.  TAMAZON, y'all:  Amazon with a T.  LSS, I have a new employee starting Monday, and one HR person is on vacation and the other two are in the other office, so they asked me to have him fill out his I-9 and nondisclosure/noncompete paperwork.  I was flipping through, and the signature block for the NDA says "Tamazon M. Lastname."  Y'all, I knew HR lady's name was Tammie, but I assumed it was short for Tamara or something.  I am SO going to want to call her Tamazon from now on, and I'll have to resist.

It's unique.

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    [QUOTE] It's unique.
    Posted by Heffalump[/QUOTE]

    Yikes - a little too close to Tampon....
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    I would pronounce it with a long o so that it sounds like a prescription pharmaceutical.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    The central focus of Dr. Phil yesterday (don't judge, I got home early and checked in for some Viggle points) was a little d*ckhead who had gotten two teenage girls (former best friends) pregnant and was supposedly sleeping around with several other girls in the class.  His name was Taton.  Pronounced Tay-ton.

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