Wedding Woes

Talk me down

I am ready to quit my job. Like Q U I T quit. 

I busted my butt for the last 2 weeks (really, several months, but I went 120% for the last 2 weeks) helping to plan and organize and speak at a local conference that had 275 attendees. 

My employer was the title sponsor.  Boss was supposed to speak at the welcome. We discussed this several times.  He wasn't there, then asked me accusingly afterward, "Did we talk about that?"  Asshole.

Fine. That was Friday.  Over the weekend, he sent me emails asking "what happened to those case studies I asked about several months ago?" (um, we don't have any, because our clients haven't implemented any of our recommended changes, so there's no 'after" to compare to the "before.")

He also had our "project manager" (a term we use loosely) nag me for 20 minutes about whether the report that is due today will be done. They ALWAYS do this. Always assume that you aren't going to do what you're supposed to do, and then somehow asking about it 20x is going to help. 

He also gave me grief about missing a meeting this morning. I missed it because I took my kids to the dentist. An event that had been reflected on my calendar for months.  This was not a particularly important meeting - it's a 20 minute deal we have every Monday. 

I hate it.  Nothing I do is enough. There's never a "good job" or "nice work." Just "Why didn't you do this, too?" or "More, now." 

In the meantime, my kids barely know who I am. When I dropped them off at daycare this morning after the dentist, both of them had to be physically held back while I left.  I know that happens, but they both just needed their mom, but I had to go write this #$%%^& report instead. 

I am SO done.  I am having drinks with a mentor on Wednesday, and I might see how she is doing for independent consulting work.  While I need to work, I don't need *this* job, you know? 

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