Monday Check-In

Was the weather this weekend too distracting to get anything done? ;)
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Re: Monday Check-In

  • HAHA How did you know? LOL
  • We went to check out Blue Ribbon Culinary Center - it was a GORGEOUS day on Saturday to drive from Mukilteo to Lake Union. Next weekend we'll be checking out Willow's Lodge.

    Overall, a great weekend, aside from the family drama with the parents regarding wedding costs and planning. But, today is a new day to move on, right?!
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  • Bought Fi's wedding band! And picked out our china pattern.
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    We got a cake booked!! And my invitations finally came so FI and I stamped and stuffed them all, now I've got to address them! :)
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  • I did.... NOTHING. Man I should get on it. Only 5 months to go
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