Wedding Woes

Do you know what I want?

I want the house to myself for a day, no husband or dogs or kid. Preferably right after the house keeper comes.

I want to sleep in, go shopping, and go see a movie. I want to maybe get a pedicure. I want to go eat at some fantastically expensive and tasty restaurant, drink too much, and be driven home.

All alone.

Sadly, any small portion of this occurring will not happen until the holidays. Maybe I'll celebrate the 26th of January like this.

Re: Do you know what I want?

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    That sounds amazing.
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    Meg, when I moan about the no kid thing I remember I can do all of the above in peace. So, I'm enjoying the freedom while it last.:)

    Hopefully, you can find the time sooner.
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    Jan 26th is my parents 42nd anniversary. You can celebrate that, because they probably will go to sleep in separate rooms around 4pm.
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    That's all I want for Christmas.  Well that and a new house.
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    I'd like that, too.   Whenever I want to do something alone, DH gets all butt hurt about it.   So frustrating.
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    This is the life I'm loving right now....H has asked me to stop telling people that I want him to get his own place. But I do....and I guess it hurts his feelings. I love things staying clean, only having to pay for myself, getting to go where I want (alone) and finally getting myself fixed up.
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