Wedding Woes

Psycho in-laws

     Long story short: my in-laws are erratic, melodramatic & manipulative. (Not an exaggeration, I assure you.) We're in our late 30's & paying for our own wedding.
     The day my in-laws got their wedding invitation, they called screaming & crying that "this isn't how you're supposed to do it" and that they weren't coming, then hung up. They refused to explain further, but I suspect they're mad that we didn't involve them in the planning. (We didn't involve them b/c they despise me & have done some really horrible things. They also never said anything about wanting to be involved, and it's been over a year.) They immediately mailed back their RSVP declining the invitation. 
       So here's my issue: I'm thrilled to death that they aren't coming, but I don't trust them to keep their word. They're erratic & spiteful, and I wouldn't put it past them to show up at the last minute, without any notice. So what do I do?
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