Okay girls, I have reached that point...

...where I am just ready for the wedding to be here and I want to fast forward through the next 3 weeks. I am feeling overwhelmed, and my FI is not being very supportive.  I am also wondering why I ever thought having a big wedding was a good idea. We could have saved a alot of money, gone in front of a judge and gotten the same result.  Sorry, just feeling negative today. :(

Re: Okay girls, I have reached that point...

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    Oh no!  I'm sorry - it's no fun to not feel supported by your FI.  When I get to that point, I try to sit down with him and tell him that I need his help on a few very discrete items, and when I need him to finish that work.  I find that if I ask for his help instead of nag at him, he's much more receptive.

    Good luck!
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    Girl, I'm 7 months out and feel that way! Don't worry, though! It's sounds cliche but your stress will pass and your wedding will be worth it! I think it's really important, like PP suggested to ask FI for help. but also take time for yourself! Go get a massage, or have a really good workout, or see a movie with your girlfriends.

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    i had FI watch a clip of Bethanny Getting Married with me where she is FREAKING out about FI (Jason) not being more involved and that there is not enough time to get it all done (and she has a planner!).  I told ryan see if you don't want me acting like that, then please help out.  And you know what, all the stress and hard work that you are putting into this will be worth it in the end. its going to be a beautiful wedding!
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    Kahulagur:  ha ha, see I watched Bethenny getting married and thought, she's acting totally rational, just like me, not all the time, but I've had those moments.  : )

    Mergator:  I feel that way from time to time.  But everytime someone on here gets married and comes back and posts how amazing and totally worth it it was, that helps.  What's intersting is that FMIL passing away has really changed our priorities and stress and I'm not stressing out about the wedding anymore, it'll come together and if things go wring or get left out, oh well.  As long as we get married and our closest friends and family can be there, that's really all that matters.  Let's hope that lasts the next 2 months!
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