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Ugh- OOT wedding

1. No kids invited.  I understand on a wedding level.  On a logistics level it's a nightmare.  Our weekend sitters are 2 hrs away in the wrong direction.  One of them is getting a hip replaced in October.  The other barely gets off his ass to take care of himself.

2. It's on a Friday night.  Yeah, it's cheaper but it's a PITAfor OOT people.  Considering the wedding is also an hour from where they both live and not anyone's home town it's OOT for darn near everyone.

3.  The RD is 2:30- 4 on THURSDAY.  We live 7 hrs away.  So we either leave at the ass crack of dawn or have to stay an extra night.  Plus does a 1.5 hr Rehearsal seem long? 

1+2+3= a big nightmare of a weekend.  DH told the groom there better be an open bar.  I see myself as the DD all weekend.

Re: Ugh- OOT wedding

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    That sucks!  My only beef with weddings is when one is expected miss work to attend the events.  Not everyone has 3 weeks of vacation to burn through like some.

    I hope the rest of the wedding is enough to make up for it... fun dancing.. good food.. good company... 
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    This is the wedding where your H found out that he was a groomsman  - correct? 

    1) that sucks. will they be providing any kind of sitters onsite or can they recommend someone local?

    2) I've been fortunate not to be invited to anything OOT on a Friday - but I think it would be a contributing factor to us RSVPing no, at least right now. 

    3) Can't you just skip it? 1.5 hours for a rehearsal is extreme, and dinner at 4 in the afternoon? seriously? unless they're planning a choreographed dance down the aisle, i think it's safe to say that your H could follow the people that didn't have a 7 hour trip to get there. One of our groomsmen showed up late for our rehearsal (right in time to leave for dinner), and we managed to get married successfully. 

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    I'd "forget." But that's me.
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    Dh is a groomsan.  They have been friends since grade school.  The groom is a very, very sweet man and a good friend.  Otherwise we would not be going.  Since they aren't getting married near their homes, they know nobody that could sit. 

    Oh and there really is no Dinner attached to the RD.  There is a happy hour drinks and apps.  I guess I'm getting an overall "cheap" feel.  It's one thing to skimp on invites OR a Friday wedding OR whatever, but to lump it all together is giving me that overall skimpy feel.

    Oh well, I'll smile and suck it up.  I adore the groom too and I would never in a million years complain to DH.  That's why I do it here.

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    Yeah.  No dinner, but drinks?

    Drunk FEST!
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