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DH's new job is a massive culture change

Situation 1: water line breaks in the middle of the night

Old Place: it doesn't matter who's on call DH would be there.  All night.  There would be meetings for weeks on end about what happened and why.  Someone would probably get written up.  There would be no comp time for DH.

New Place:  It's on the news people have to leave their residence.  DH's boss calls him and says not to bother going in.  Boss took care of it.  They hire guards to protect the scene and forensic engineers to figure out what happened.

Situation 2: They lose power in the middle of the night.

Old Place: Dh goes in regardless of who's on call.  He's there all night until the whole place is running.  Again meetings for weeks and reprimands and no comp time.

New place:  Nobody calls.  They get the place running.  4 days later they meet with the operators that were working.  It happens to be guys on midnights so DH has to stay until 730 for 2 nights.  The boss asks if I'M okay with this or if I'm ready to divorce DH and put a hit out on boss.   Boss is also giving comp time.  Huh?  For 2 nights of an extra 2 hrs? 

DH's boss has no clue what we came from.

Re: DH's new job is a massive culture change

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