Wedding Woes

Preventing the Beebee

Friend got engaged on Saturday.  She is already starting to dread planning, and that is where I step in.

I sent her a mega email, basically outlining what I think about weddings, and planning around other people, etc.  I shall see how she responds.  She knows I am anything if not pushy, but I think I am helpful.  Ha.

I am sure there will be some fvckery afoot, who knows.  I will share regardless.

Re: Preventing the Beebee

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    A cw is getting married and was saying how everything had fallen apart seven weeks before the event. I told her no matter what happens the day of, only her, her FI and her wedding planner will know it didn't go as planned and no matter what, in a year, it won't even be a nig deal anymore.
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    Exactly...I will be telling her this later on as well.  I figured an intro to plannign email was best.  Seriously...I'm sure I overwhelmed her, but I had to do it.  I couldn't just NOT say anything.
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