Frustrated BFF/MOH--what to do?

Hi ladies!

I need your help. My best friend and maid of honor seems frustrated lately that I do not have as much time to spend with her as the "good old days."

She is single and has been organizing a lot of "girls only" and costly events like concerts, trips to Vegas, etc.

I sense her frustration and I really do make effort to spend 1:1 time with her.  It's just that I have to be choosy with my time and money these days! 

How can I gently help her understand that while she is very important to me, I just cannot participate in everything? 

What to do?



Re: Frustrated BFF/MOH--what to do?

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    Tell her the truth. Weddings are expensive and they take a lot of your free time. Maybe you guys can grab dinner or coffee, something affordable and that doesn't require you to leave town. Maybe she's just feeling left out now that you are getting married? I have a group of friends that always do fun stuff and trips so I emailed them and told them that I couldn't afford expensive stuff for a few months until after the wedding. They still invite me to local and affordable places and they understand that it's just for a little while. Hope this helps :-)
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