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April 2012 Weddings

Wedding is tomorrow... not excited at all

Re: Wedding is tomorrow... not excited at all

  • Awwww I understand how you feel. We had a lot of little things go wrong and yes its hard to hear someone tell you its just little details when its happening to you. I however had the little things go wrong for me as well as a couple major things go wrong. So trust me when I say that once you exchange your vows everything else will melt away. I was mad and sad and almost in tears right before our ceremony but the second we got to the alter together and started saying our vows NOTHING ELSE MATTERED! It was the most amazing feeling and moment and all the other crap completely left my mind. Sooooo just get to the ceremony and I promise as soon as it all starts everything will be right in the world for you even if everything at your wedding isnt! Good luck!
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  • There's a lot there that you can't do anything about, as far as a groomsman backing out and spelling errors.  I would apologize to those whose names got misspelled so they know it wasn't intentional. You can't expect your MOH to take any days off from work except for the day of the wedding.  If she's an adult she'll be there and should know what to do.  Her participation will not make you more or less married.

    Your FI might have groom nerves and might not be mad about anything.  Or he might just be tense.  We've had some tense moments in our house the last couple days.  

    This is all very overwhelming for a lot of us, so maybe you should just take a break and go take some me time.  Get your nails done, or at least take a walk.  15-20 minutes of exercise alone might help clear your head and calm you down.  Remember, this is what you wanted, and in the end (tomorrow), it will be worth it.

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    I'm going to be 100% honest...because I want to see you have a great wedding day... Not trying to be mean at all... But you need to relax...Little things are going to happen and You will KICK yourself if you don't get over them now. Trust me. You don't want to remember your wedding day of "Oh I was mad because the programs were wrong." or so and so didn't show up on time...
    NO! You don't!

    I was mad because H had his bachelor party two days before was was totally NOT helpful setting up the reception site. I regret that. It didn't matter. It did not matter at all. Things are going to go wrong... No one will careeeeee!!
  • my wedding is tomorrow and im stressing out too- just know that it is a normal feeling. hopefully our weddings will go well and most importantly, we'll be married at the end of the day. good luck and i look forward to seeing pictures!
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