Open Letter Tuesday

Even though a lot of us are MIA, feel free to vent here.

example of an Open Letter Tuesday post:

Dear FMIL,
Stop annoying me with X,Y,and Z.
~ your annoyed FDIL
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Re: Open Letter Tuesday

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    Dear germs,
    Go away already!  I was tired enough without the pneumonia already.  And thanks for getting my new husband sick as well!
    My aching body

    Dear thank you cards,
    Pretty, pretty please will you write yourselves?
    A very tired newlywed
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    Dear days,
    Please become longer. being out of the house for 16 hours straight with work and school doesn't leave much time for at home. And with the time at home eating, showering, taking care of cats, fishes, FI, it doesn't leave time for sleeping. I feel like I'm loosing my gosh dang mind here. So if you could add just like another 3 hours for sleep, I'd very much appreciate.
    A very, tired student

    Dear anniversery trip,
    So excited that I booked you. Now if you could please just hurry up and get here. I could really use a night away from all of that which is going on here.
    Thank you,
    an eager person wating to get away

    Girls is stripper heels, boys rolling in Maseratis,
    all they need in this world is some love.
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     Dear People- Family, CO-Workers, and FILs

    I am tired I work enough get up early, work out, take care of the dog, cook, and clean. No I don't want to go to the mall on a Tuesday I want to sleep. Also I don't want/need a spa day. Lastly, yes I am selfish and don't need/want to hang out with you. Which sounds super bitchy-

    -A PMSing working girl
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    Dear Sunshine,
    -Your Tan Fan Cool

    Dear Dinner,
    Go make yourself! I'm tired of you always demanding so much attention. 
    -Unmotivated Slacker

    Dear FI,
    You're AWESOME for working so much OT, but that's 90 hours that I am without you this week. Yes, I'm greedy.
    Your lonely, future wife
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    Aww EMT that's lame. *hugs*
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    Dear vacation,
    Why must you end so soon? I'm loving being in California right now. I don't want to drive that 16 hours back home />_<

    Dear Mt Rainier,
    Screw you too. I didn't WANT to backpack you anyway.... I bet St. Helens will be nicer to us and NOT give us a flat tire.
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