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PW - DH and I made up

I still think he started it, and he acknowledged his failings.  I apologized for taking it too far when I called him a fuckface (via email - I should spend more time with my delete key). 

We had lunch together and talked and even held hands. :)  It was nice. 


Re: PW - DH and I made up

  • Does this meam makeup sex?

    You should take one for the team.

    ::::Time to call Pizza Hut:::
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    Yeah, I'll probably have to put out.  I guess I can deal with that. :) 

    No pizza hut tonight.  Tonight's his once/month firefighting meeting where they actually feed him. (vs. the 3-4x/month where they don't feed him).

    Not sure what Dex and I will be eating. I believe we have some tortellini left over.  He is very cute when he tries to say, "tortellini."  It kindof comes out "Tor<breath />eeny." 

  • DED @ Pizza Hut

    Glad to hear you both recovered.
  • i wish H and I could make up. We're at a bit of an impasse right now. Unfortunately, I'm horny as hell and would give anything for make up sex right now.
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