Wedding Woes

My dad is the new "fountain girl"

Saturday my parents were at the local casino where my dad likes to fraternize and drink some beerrrss and mom likes to poke a machine that plays poker.

After a few drinks, dad is hightailing it to the snack counter, and is distracted by a long line to the buffet (moderate meat with shirts required).  He always walks at a pretty good clip, but before you know it, he's head over heels and face up in a fountain from the head to his knees...just hanging out. 

Boy, I'm sure he jumped up really quick and ran to the bathroom.  Of course an employee asked him if he knew where it was. 

Did that stop him?  Oh no.  He just rung out his shirt, put it back on a slopped back to the drink his beers (2/hr max). 

Too bad there is no video, because you KNOW I'd be sharing that.
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