Wedding Woes


Employee's brother passes away in a car accident.  Therefore, he doesn't bring time in.

Boss bills job, and I have no idea, because I don't do billing.

Employee turns in billable hours for job that was billed.

My fault?  Of course.



  • Ugh. Annoying.

    Can I add my own work vent?

    My boss is in Reno working out of his home there. He has a meeting at 10:30AM, and he said to call him to remind him. Fine.

    Now is this 10:30 PT or 10:30 ET? How am I supposed to know? He tells me to indicate time zone when I make calendar entries, but he does not do the same, so now I'm guessing.

    I've already called his home office in Reno once. I will try again in a couple of minutes and if he's annoyed that I've woken him up, it's too bad. Be more specific.
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  • Yeah, it's only 8 there.
  • And that would normally be a bit early for a call.

    But this guy that he's speaking with goes between LA and NY, and the other day called my boss at 5:30AM PT.

    I'm assuming that it's 10:30 PT, and if boss missed it, too bad. I called twice.
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  • Similar vent: Boss asks me to reasearch new phone system. I tell him there are limited benefits, it's not cost effective, and too technilogically advanced to cooperate with our other office operations (fax and remote well reporting, and analog to digital conversion). He says "I don't care, do it".

    Thousands of dollars later, exactly the problems I warned him about before installation are occuring, And I have to take the heat for it.
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