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stress level just hit the roof...HELP

So originally we were to be married in March 2011...our colors were black & ivory w/ purple accents.  My BM was going to wear  a black dress(I figured it would be the easist to find & most likely to be worn again) seeing as this is a second wedding for both of us I am trying to keep costs down as much as possible foreveyone involved. comes the stressful has been moved to May 2010 and I'm not sure my colors are appropriate anymore...I mean its gonna be spring time & black & Ivory seems like it would be so dark that time of the year....HELP, I've gotta pull all this together & I feel like I'm starting completely over & time is running out!
BTW....does anybody have any experience buying a gown online(for me & BM)?
Thanks a million!!
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Re: stress level just hit the roof...HELP

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    Um, I think you'll be fine. No one will shoot your BM for wearing a black dress in May.
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    You're still getting married, regardless of colors of dresses, etc.  That's the main part. 
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    You know, colors don't REALLY have a season.  Keep what you have and don't worry about it.

    I bought my BM dresses online and it was great.  However, I can't remember the website now (it wasn't Pearl's Place, but other knotties have used them).  Ask on the dress board and you'll get some great recommendations for that.
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    I think those colors are beautiful, regardless of the time of year. They're classic and can be very elegant. Just use the colors you want, and don't worry about time of year (and really, is March-May really that big of a difference that black/ivory is okay for one but too dark for the other?)

    J.Crew has some cute dresses online, the ordering experience there is lovely. I don't know if you're into the more casual style they tend to have though.
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    My friend got married in June and had her girls in black dress.  As long as they aren't long sleeved velvet you should be fine.
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    Colors don't matter. It'll be fine no matter what season.

    As for the dresses, ditto on J. Crew.
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    Black is classic, same with ivory. It won't be hard to find a dress, you just need to find something that is season appropriate.
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