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6fsn - house hunting update?

What did you think of the houses that you looked at yesterday?

Re: 6fsn - house hunting update?

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    I put a bit on facebook.  The Dublin house is still in the running and we found a nice place in Lewis Center.  Very, very different communities and houses so we'll see.  The other house is OUT. 

    I e-mailed our realtor this morning to see what's up here. 

    (ETA: The kids were fantastic.  They spent over 5 hrs in a car and were in and out of 4 hrs.  They were still a PLEASURE when we went out to dinner.  There were some very happy grandparents and parents.)
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    Kids will surprise you every time!  Glad  it went well.   Sorry to hear about the w-ville house from a selfish standpoint, but that's a lot of improvements to commit to - completely understandable.
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