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i have more diva cup questions.
[QUOTE]I only empty it every 12 hours (longer if I'm being lazy or forget it's in...), so I do it in the morning and in the evening.  I never have to empty it in public.  However, if I did have to empty it in a stall for some reason I'd just wipe it out with toilet paper and put it back in.  It doesn't have to be washed with soap every time.

Also, there's no reason why your hands would be bloody from taking it out or emptying it.  Same with putting it in.

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okay, you know that scene in "lord of the rings- the two towers" where the tree dudes are fighting the tower, and they're throwing rocks and crushing dudes, and then that one tree dude is all "break the dam!  release the water" and they do and there's just this giant tidalwave of water, it floods like crazy, and it's all water up in here, up in here?

HOW IS IT NOT LIKE THAT WHEN YOU ONLY EMPTY EVERY 12 HOURS OR EVEN LONGER?  that is how you get blood on your hands and this time i can actually use the word "literally" because you really do have blood on your hands.

and i know i'm not the only one imagining that it would make some kind of cork popping sound when you remove it.

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    yeah, i wanted to know about this also. i am not blessed with a light p-dawg to understand that this is even possible.
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    Diva cups, I have heard, are ideal for women with really light flows/ light days. And supposedly, the entirety of your period is something like two tablespoons of blood, but that has to be an average. That or I've been slowly dying of something unspeakable since I was 12. 
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    Ents and hobbits in a tidal wave of menstrual blood drowning orcs. Well, there's your Carrie-esque visual for this Monday.
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    I am thinking IUDs and Diva Cup are best friends.  Otherwise it would be a no-go situation with me.
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    I will admit to being tempted to try it.  I am usually heavy for 1 day and then just a trickle for another 4 so I think it might work for me.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    It's definitely do-able. I have a heavy flow the first couple of days, and I can get away with every 8 hours. After that I can go 12 hours.

    I will say this though. It can irritate the fvck out of your insides. TMI, I noticed some swelling the first time I used it, and it took about a week to go away. Just FYI.
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