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I am a MOH in a wedding about a month after mine and I wanted to start throwing ideas around with the other BM's. The bride is having 2 showers I believe and one is going to be thrown by us girls, I think this shower would be fun if it was themed since she is having two.

What are some good ideas?
I have heard of stock the bar- so would you buy wine,wine galsses, and anything off their registry bar related. And what are some other good decor ideas to keep with the theme?


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    My shower was called "A Happy Hour Shower", but the gift-giving wasn't themed, so I can't help you there.  My BMs each made a "signature" drink, they had flowers all around the house arranged in martini & margarita glasses, and the prizes for the games were cute coasters and tiny martini glasses.
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    I was going to give ideas but I LOVE Jenny's shower/suggestions! Anything drink related... I think of olives, drink umbrellas... Maybe not together but you could pick a drink and go with that "theme"
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    Here are some decor ideas for a cocktail themed party:

    I also went to a stock the bar one that was at a bar, no decor.  And they played a game where they listed drink ingredients and you had to guess the drink, it was fun and much harder than you think!

    Other themes are kitchen.  Or, we threw one that was Hawaii themed for a friend having a DW in Hawaii.  Mine is going to be Mexican/honeymoon themed b/c that's where we're going. 
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    Someone on here once mentioned one that I fell in love with. It was an around the clock shower. When you send the guests invites, they get a time of day insert and they buy the bride gifts based on the hour.
    So like 6pm, something to do with the kitchen since that's usually dinner time.
    11pm, lingerie or something, get the idea?
    I love this shower and I plan on using it for my sis!
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