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Teachers and FB WDWWT?

We may have had this discussion before.

I noticed a friend of mine is FB friends with former students who are now in junior high or high school. I think it's weird. I also judge her for scolding them for texting or FBing during class then continuing the exchange.

Admiring and respecting a teacher is one thing, but friending on social networking sites is too personal. 
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Re: Teachers and FB WDWWT?

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    I have not accepted passed students as friends, and they are in college. Nope.

    I have responded by saying hello and asking about school, but that's it. I think they got the message.
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    DD was very close to her drama teacher, her rule is she friends them after graduation.  Thats the only 1 she ever friended or wanted to!
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    A friend of DH's has two college aged former students as friends.  That wouldn't bother me, but middle or high school heck no.  I don't even think they should be on fb.
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    I just have no desire to see the drunk photos or read their stupid post. I do enough eye rolling from my own friends.
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    I am friends with a former teacher from HS.  Then again, that was more than 15 years ago. 

    I certainly don't see friending current students or even recent students.  Maybe after college graduation or something.  Unless you are one of those people who is really strict about their FB usage and only use it to keep in touch vs. posting stuff on the regular.

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    I could see using FB as a tool where the teacher can post homework reminders, allow students to post questions, or pos links to resources. A seperate group page would work for that.

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    DH has accepted friend requests from a few students, but then promptly hid their status updates.  College students are (technically) adults, so it is a little different.  But I can see how some teachers might enjoy that level of communication with former students.  I don't see how it is hypcritical to not allow them access to FB in class but still be friends with them on FB.  There is such a thing as responsible FB usage in your own time.  And it may help them understand the kids a little more (and vice versa).


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    I have a few teachers in my life I considered friends/mentors that I would consider friending...
    but I'd nt friend someon eunder 18 and even though my student workers and students I deal w/ now are adults, I don't friend 'em.  There's still a 'supervisor/employee' relationship I dont want to mess w/.

    Now, the student worker I have now who is graduating and will be only a friend after next semester?  I'll accept a request at that point. 
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