Wedding Woes

WW Nightmare

I had a dream that we had a meeting at some cutesy feminine tea shop type thing.  I don't know.

But me and HMo left together.  She asked for my help in a project.  She was trying REALLY hard to get a Public Pass that would make her famous.  She paid some guy a lot of money.  Basically she had to stop in this house and whereever there was dijon mustard on the counter, she had to spread it.  He would come in later, scrape it up and this would magically turn into her public pass.  She said that he told her he helped someone and they were famous 2 weeks later.  I agreed.

So we go in the house and start spreading the dijon.  I'm trying to wash my hands and her HUMONGOUS dog keeps pulling at my arms to get me to stop.  Somehow, I fall asleep on the bed in this house (it was a random house, btw).  When I wake up, I can't find her.  I'm PISSED, b/c I think she's left me.  But I think, No, HMo would never leave me. 

So, I go outside on the balcony and see her car still there.  But as I'm walking closer to the edge, I see her laying (lying?) face down on the ground, her long dark hair spread all around her.  So, she's dead.  I'm shocked.  I see a car that looks like Austin Powers Shaguar coming up and two men walking around, one who had a neck brace on.

Then I wake up in a cold sweat.  I was actually veklmept about this dream, sorry about dreaming you were murdered HMo.  I had to watch Ratatouille to go back to sleep.

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