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you still there? your post reminded me... I want to do a food tour of Oakland some day. Just walk around and eat. Hemmingway's for pita chips, The O for fries, Primanti's for a sandwich, Mad Mex for big azz margaritas and burritos, Joe Mama's for the 1/2 price after 11 menu (the giant meatball), Pizza from Antoon's, Ice cream from Dave & Andy's. Maybe hop on the 61C and ride to Squirrel Hill for Gullifty's entire dessert menu... Please don't dash my hopes and tell me that half of these places have closed. I haven't been to Oakland in about 2-3 years. Also, DK, Wolverine, and I will be in PGH in a few weeks. GTG?

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    They're all there, but are some of the least interesting food places in Oakland.

    I'd love a GTG.  If it's on a weekday, we can do a food vendor cart Oakland tour.
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    i know boring, but it tastes of memories. i remember getting the bubble tea for the first time from a cart.
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