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Re: Open Letter Tuesday

  • ladyscronin77ladyscronin77 member
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    Dearest Jealous Half Sister -

    It is not your place to tell me what I should or should not share with others - on facebook or not.  Just because you think a beautiful photo I am featured in is too provocative for your taste does not mean I should be belittled and berated for it.  Furthermore - you are not my mother and you contacting her to see if she has "put me in my place" is not right! I am an adult and the photo shows as much as an average bikini.  I fear that your jealousy has overcome your good nature and you need to check your pretentious attitude. On top of all of that I have not heard from you in months and now you want to contact me over this?! Not because I got a new job, or because my wedding is in a month and you have yet to RSVP?! COME ON!
  • Dear people,

    Learn to listen before I stab you in the balls.
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  • Dear slackers,
    PLEASE send me your RSVPs... I haven't had any for almost a month now, just send them in already!!

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