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First rule of modeling white clothing - no black undies

Seriously. What model shows up to work with black underwear on? And what stylist doesn't have proper foundation garments handy just for such situations?


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    Actually, black underwear shows much less under white clothing than white or even nude. The problem here is that that dress is ugly and way too thin.
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    DG1DG1 member
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    No way would black underwear show less than nude.  White would also be bad, but nude would be good.

    And yes, the dress is too thin. That seems to be quite the trend lately.

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    I'm telling you, I've tried it all. If it's decent fabric, black all but disappears, white practically glows, and nude has more visibile lines.
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    I'd think skin color would have *something* to do w/ that, no?

    I'm pale enough that white doesn't tend to show up :-P
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    compromise: don't wear white clothing.
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    Are you sure that wasn't their intended effect?  A peek of well-fitted naughties without a gratuitous peek?

    I'll agree, the fabric's way too thin.  I'm more annoyed that I see a clear zipper line. 
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    RaptorSLHRaptorSLH member
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    Thinking back to our old color guard uniforms in marching band, black showed up horribly under white.  White was better, but made the underwear area too opaque compared to the rest of the uniform.  Nude was best.  When a girl forgot and showed up in black undies for a white uniform event, it usually signaled a panicked trip to K-mart.

    Same thing applies to my bras under a pale shirt.  Nude is best, but white is better by far than black.

    There weren't exactly a lot of skin tones at play though, so no guarantees that holds for anything other than pale Caucasian.
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