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    Yes, you're being petty. Take a deep breath and get over it.
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    In Response to <a href="">Trying to beat us down the isle?!</a>:
    [QUOTE]<strong>My fiance and I are currently planning our wedding for May 14, 2011</strong>.  We got engaged in April of this year, so we have had a few months to get the major vendors booked and such.  I am a person who loves the theatre, and have plans to audition for a musical in our town that will run the last 3 weekends of March 2011. 

    Yes, cutting it kinda close to the wedding, but since we are so far ahead in the planning I didn't think it was a big deal.  Plus, my family and my fiances family is very supportive of me doing this! Three weeks ago, my fiances cousin (who is 32 - we are 25 & 28) got engaged in Hawaii and I just found out that they are planning their wedding for March 2011! 

    Their reasoning is that they want to have babies quickly and their friends schedules are hard to work around so March is good.  I just can't shake the feeling that they are trying to beat us down the<strong> isle</strong>. I keep telling myself I shouldn't be annoyed. <strong> But my fiances brother is getting married this weekend, and we were supposed to be next. </strong> Now we are going to be third, AND I won't be able to audition for the play unless I want to miss the wedding. Am I being petty?  Or would you be annoyed too?  I need advice!!
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    First take a deep breath, now take two.  First off it's aisle, not isle.  Second off, let it go, you are being petty in the sense that you think that your cousins are trying to get married before you.  Take it as a blessing in disguise.  Be supportive and lend a hand, get experience in what works and what doesn't. 

    You don't have to have th same color themes, or venue, or wedding dress, that's because you have different tastes.  It's not going to matter one bit if you get married first or second, there is always a couple in the world that will get married before you, on the same day, and after you.  It doesn't matter!!

    What matters is that you have you family's support, and most importantly, you have your fiance's support.

    Let it go.  Don't think that you get to own the whole year, when your wedding is one day in May.  Let your cousin have her day too.

    And don't think about if you are second to get married, or third, that shouldn't matter. Let rank, and order go... Be bigger than this situation, and march forward with your and your fiance's wedding plans.

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    Oh get over yourself. They're not trying to beat you down the aisle, they're trying to plan their own damn lives. Audition for the play if you want to. That's your life, and if it means you can't make it to the wedding, oh well. I'm going to guess they won't give a sht.
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    I love it when they delete after it's been quoted. 
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    Oh I'm SO glad you ladies quoted it so I could actually read it! <3<3 Love goes out to you, kp!

    On a side note:  Hubs and I were together 3.5 yrs when we got engaged. 3 months later, my sister met and married a man she'd been dating for a month? So what? QQ noob. I got to be her maid of honor! And I was happy as hell to support her and her new hubby. 
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    It's not a race, it's life.  The order of your engagement will not dictate when you get married, period.  I could have gone to the JOP the day after my FI proposed, while my one friend had already been engaged for 8 months,and my other for several weeks.  They would have been thrilled for me, not upset that we didn't go 'in order'.  So, yes.  You are being petty, and need to let this go.  It really isn't that big of a deal.
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