Wedding Dreams

I know there was a post about this somewhere, but last night I had a wedding dream! It's the first time I've had one and it was kind of weird. There was a TON of stuff going on:

1. I was super stressed because I had failed to put everything together in time for the wedding so there were no centerpieces.

2. I had forgotten the table runners I bought so the venue put down some wicker-braided tablecloths instead.

3. I didn't get a nice guestbook so there was a random one there that was from like, the dollar store. The pen holder had a giant rubber band on it so you could wrap it around and secure it to the table.

4. My bridemaids were wearing traditional African clothing. (I chalk this up to last episode of My Fair Wedding that I watched). But then all my guests were wearing the clothing from whatever culture they are from.

5. FI was cryin' like a baby! And it was super crowed!

Have you had any weird wedding dreams? Share!

Re: Wedding Dreams

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    I had my first one last night! Not wierd but we were running really late and I couldn't find ANYTHING (my dress, my veil, my shoes). YIKES
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    Yes! I had one last night where Tygirl was supposed to officiate my wedding. I got all the way up the aisle & she said "No! I can't do this! I'm going to ruin it!" So then I yelled at her, "You're ruining my wedding!" It was really weird...
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    In the dream I keep having everything's on time, but there are always a half-dozen things I forgot to do. Like, there are no escort cards, or the DJ doesn't know what the first dance song is, or whatever. Always happy to wake up from this one :).

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    At the the 8-5 months away marks I had tons of wedding dreams. All waful of course, always running late getting nothing done. But since all the big stress started I havent had one. I would think now that I am crazy stressed I would have them every night :P
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    I don't have them often, but had one last night. A bunch of my wedding elves and I were going to check out the reception space and since the park was just a block away, we decided to walk there. When we got there, there were permit signs up that the space was reserved for a Fall wedding. We peaked in the building and tables were set up but that was about it so the wedding wasn't happening yet. My DOC asked the DOC of the other group who was there pow-wowing if we could take a look around and she said yes. We got in our own little pow-wow on the other side of the room to chat and all of a sudden heard the DOC of the other group announce to us, "We're so glad you came to help us set up! We are SO far behind!" We didn't have time to help but if we didn't, my DOC had a 50% chance of losing our venue, so we pitched in to put up chairs and table settings. All of a sudden, it was evening and the reception/wedding (simultaneous) was happening and the MOH invited us to sit at an empty table because "wedding crashers" had just been booted out and we could eat a slice of cake as thanks. Then I started seeing people from college as guests and they all wondered how I knew the groom Andy and I didn't want them all to think I was a crasher so had to fake it!
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