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Future parent-in-law issues.

since none of you got what I was saying I'm just going to delete this...

Re: Future parent-in-law issues.

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    stop talking to her about the wedding and don't expect money from them. if they are paying, they get a say. if you don't want to do what she wants, don't accept their money, it's really that simple.

    she might not want to talk about it because something might have come up and they can't pay for what they originally said they would, it happens, especially in this economy. don't count on their contributing until the check is in your hands, that's the safest way to go.
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    This makes no sense, are they paying or not?

    How they spend their money is none of your business.
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    Pretty much what psichick said.

    Don't bring up any financials.  Don't count on their money until you have a check in the bank.

    And what Duckis said.  It's their money to do as the please.
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    What everyone else said.

    Plan the wedding YOU can afford and it will be a happy surprise if the IL's kick into help out.
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    Exactly. If you want a low budget DIY wedding, do it. If they want dove releases and top shelf liquor give them the name of the venue and let them contact them for those extras. Do what you were doing, don't count on money from them.
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:47Discussion:455ec568-a478-408f-9a1d-1b57c6c6e82aPost:f4e4e2da-2717-46ad-bd46-6c92aa798d80">Future parent-in-law issues.</a>:
    [QUOTE]Its also not that they can't afford it, they spend money like it is going out of style.  Posted by SmithMcFarlane[/QUOTE]

    Maybe if they spend money like that, they don't have any left to help pay for <em>your</em> wedding?  At any rate, it's none of your business what they choose to spend their money on.

    If they freely give of their own money to help pay for <em>your</em> wedding, then that's a generous gift.  If they don't want to discuss it and no money is forthcoming, time to move forward on your own.
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