Monday Check-In

I hope you all had fabulous weekends Smile
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Re: Monday Check-In

  • It's GORGEOUS out and very hard to be at work today!!!

    Pretty un-eventful weekend for me - did some shopping and hung out with my mini-me (my daughter, she's 6 ;) )

    I attempted a pomander for my potential centerpiece, it was a fail. It looks cute in the picture but not so much in real life. I did this with silk carnations. My next attempt will be submerged silk orchids with a floating candle. We'll see how that goes. If that doesn't work, candles it will be!

    Here's my pomander - the venue vases are much wider.
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  • Oh Tiffany - it does look good in the pic! Good luck with your next attempt though.

    We ordered Deco Beads (colored water beads that expand to 200x their original size!) they were SO affordable and look really cool.  Will try to get some pics posted soon.

    My weekend was both good and bad:

    Good:  Had an AWESOME Boudoir shoot done with a FANTASTIC up and coming photographer - ended up getting a bunch of my friends to do it too and they all love her as much as I do! The the photog and I stsayed at the hotel we used for the shoot and went out on the town (downtown Seattle) saturday night.

    Bad: I parked in a locked overnight parking garage but my truck got broken into and they busted one of my windows... TERRIBLE timing - wedding is barely a month away and we are already struggling with the budget - its a $250 fix :( although - nothing was stolen - I think my mega alarm scared them off.

    Good: I got to meet with our baker for the cake - who is AMAZING (I am gluten Free) and gave me just the pep talk I needed!
  • Bah. I drove out to Cottage Lake (out just past Woodinville) to attend a kickboxing class that I had a groupon for. I went last Wednesday and loved it, so I was excited to go back today. Well, apparently they cancelled all their morning classes and forgot to update their website. UGH!! It's not a huge deal, but with gas being what it is, I drove 17 miles each way. I called and left a voicemail to confirm what classes ARE still being available, so that that doesn't happy again. 

    This weekend was FULL of wedding stuff for us. We are out about 47 days now. I used some pearls that my grandma had when she was alive and I made a necklace from them to wear at the wedding as my "something old" and tied a tiny blue ribbon bow on for "something blue"
    I also finished up the ribbon down the stems on our bouquets, and finished all of the guys bouts. 

    Still need to be done: Frame our guest book and attach ballons to be signed: 
    I also need to find the right pen to use for guests to sign with. Also this week:
    Finalizing our menu
    Sending last checks to photographer, DJ, rentals, and pay for honeymoon condo. 
    We will also hopefully be making reservations this week for all of our honeymoon activities. We are hoping to do: zip lining, glass bottom kayaking, camel riding, ATV-ing, and lots os snorkeling. 

    It feels SO good to get things done and squared away. I am getting so excited!!!
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  • Ladyscronnin, boo on the break-in, glad nothing else was damaged. Could be worse- my car was keyed, dented and pretty much cleaned out the last time it happened. :(

    First day back after a week in San Diego, it was hard to come back. ;(

    I got my final RSV in the mail over the weekend. YAY! That put us at 100 %turnout.

    This week, I'm looking at hotel rooms, wish me luck!
  • FMIL was in town to visit. We went to Seastar for dinner (they're our caterer), visited our venue, visited potential rehearsal dinner locations (redhook and Novilhos)... Novilhos doesn't have a private dining room for parties, so I think they might be off the list.... But nothing's stopping us from going to dinner there with family the week of the wedding!

    This week we have to start and finish the questionaire for our officiant. There are LOTS of questions that will require a lot of thinking and brainstorming (both together and separately). We'll see how that goes.

    Also would like to arrange meetings with bakers, perhaps finalize the invtations, and get started on honeymoon booking all this week!
  • Thanks Pixel - I do feel lucky in the sense that nothing else was damaged (small scratches from them prying at the window before it broke but thats it) and nothing stolen - so al in all I should count my blessings. It just sucks 40 days before our wedding!

    I am amazed that you have 100% turnout! WOW!  We are still waiting on nearly half of our RSVP's which makes me wonder....

    How long should one wait to call those who have not RSVP'd before the wedding?  We forgot to put an RSVP by date on the invite BUT it is on our wedding website which the invite directs people to.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_washington-seattle_monday-check-in-18?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:104Discussion:c19a4a6d-f247-4bab-a137-5bde1b436064Post:c3e44ca0-ebc2-46c0-867d-b31403204f28">Re: Monday Check-In</a>:
    [QUOTE] How long should one wait to call those who have not RSVP'd before the wedding?  We forgot to put an RSVP by date on the invite BUT it is on our wedding website which the invite directs people to.
    Posted by ladyscronin77[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>If you have a date on the website, wait until a couple of days after the date you have there. People might have put the RSVP card in the mail in the date you listed, so it'll take a couple of days to reach you.

  • Thanks doublenn! All the advice is so helpful!
  • We waited a few days (i.e. rsvp due date of Monday and started calling people on Friday).  We did get quite a few that came in the week after the due date.
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  • I had my bachelorette party this weekend. We went to a spa in federal way then to the hard rock cafe. We went up to the roof and had a great time but I fell and sprained my foot. I can hardly walk on it and its all sorts of pretty colors.. And my wedding is this Sunday. Argh. The manager was funny though, he said: the foot is old, the sprain is new, the boot they gave me is borrowed and the bruise is blue. : Made me laugh.
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  • My fiance and I had our 10 year anniversary of the day we met on Friday, so Saturday we went out and celebrated with a delicious dinner and visits to places we went to on very early dates. Then we went out for ice cream. It was a lot of fun! 

    We also booked our photo booth on Friday. Yay! I like getting things checked off the "to do" list. 

    Glad you all had good weekends! 

    ladyscronin - sorry about the break in!
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