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DC Natives/Visitors

Any recommendations for restaurants? DH and I are going in 2 weeks. Him for work and me for play. And our anniversary.
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Re: DC Natives/Visitors

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    Cuisine? Price? Neighborhood? How long will you be there? Do you need attraction suggestions as well?

    Off the top of my head:
    BEN'S CHILI BOWL - You have to go there. Have to. Cash only.
    Zaytinya (Mike Isabella) - Mezzes. So good. Fairly expensive.
    Mama Ayeshas - Woodley Park - Mediteranean. Not super fancy or pricey, but good. We go there for Christmas Eve every year.
    Granville Moore's - Total hole in the wall, long waits for tables (no reservations). But the best mussels and fries I've ever had, plus Belgian beer.
    Brasserie Beck - Pricey, another good place for Belgian beer.
    Matchbox - Pizza and sliders. It might be so 3 years ago, but there was always a long wait when we tried to go there for gtgs.

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