Wedding Woes

Angry, angry, stab, stab

This is an e-mail exchange I've been having with a co-worker. 

One month ago
Me:  Hi Sue, I'm seeing problems with your apples and oranges.  Can you please look in to these?
Sue:  Sorry, I'm really don't know much about those.  I know they are mine but I've been letting Bob take care of them.  I'll talk to Bob
(Bob is not someone who should be taking care of apples OR oranges).

Two weeks ago
Me: Hi Sue, still seeing problems with apples and oranges.  Did you talk to Bob yet?
Sue:  Yes, I'll fix apples right away.
Me:  What about oranges?

One week ago
Me:  Hello again, how are those apples and oranges coming along?
Sue:  I'm fixing apples today.
Me:  What about oranges?

Me:  Hi Sue, What is up with the oranges?
Sue:  I don't understand.  I fixed apples.
Me:  Yes, I saw that, I'm asking about oranges.
Sue:  Oranges?  Oh, I forgot about oranges.

I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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