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you asked for an update on my friend. 

short answer: she is still living there.  the issue?  it's about $1k to get out of the lease.  (btw, he offered to split the payment, but he really thinks she should pay for all of it because "this whole situation is her fault; she was the one who wanted to move in together."  while that's true, he remains the one who hit her.)

she is currently working full time and part time to be out of the apt as much as possible.  her hours are scheduled around his -- whenever she is home, he is not, and vice versa. 

sadly, sometimes he makes overtures to her like leaving notes on her locked door, "hey, want to hang out some time?" and she has thus far declined.  no further contact other than that.  pretty much every meal is eaten out or stored in her room.

dh and i again offered her our place, but she has declined.  her lease is up in october or november and she is pretty much already packed.

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