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Four Houses

Has anyone seen this show? It's on TLC.  Four women get together, go to each other's houses and judge them.  The winner gets $10,000.  I've only seen 1 episode but all the homes were in TX. One woman's home had taxidermied animals everywhere.  It reminded me of someone I know.  :) 

They also have a show called 4 weddings which has the same concept, except they judge each other's weddings.  I will definitely be watching again.  

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    This sounds heavenly. I will need to DVR.
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    The taxidermied animals reminds me of nico's story.  Hee.
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    I love the house show!  I saw the taxidermy one.  The beaver jokes were awesome.  My only problem with both shows is that I fall asleep before learning who wins.  Oh well.

    BBC America had one where 4 people threw a dinner party.  I LOVED that show.  No clue if it's still on, but we don't get BBCA anymore.
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    I think we should start a petition to get hmo and laurentian on this show.
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    I would sell BOTH my kidneys for a chance to see HMO vs. Laurentian on a reality show.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Four Weddings is pretty good. I'll watch that whenever it's on. Four Houses just looked like spoiled brats showing off how rich they are. Probably not going to watch that one.
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    I will have to find this on the interwebz. Awesome.

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