Rant & Rave Friday


What are your WR and NWR plans for the weekend?
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Re: Rant & Rave Friday

  • I am HOPING for another sunny and warm weekend like we had last weekend...but I wont hold my breath.

    WR- I need to get in touch with FILs to chat about our rehearsal dinner plans... I am hoping to just have a casual/laid back dinner in their back yard since it will be in July...SHOULD be sunny then. Also chatting with my aunt about how many chafing dishes she has ot make sure we have enough.
    I also really need to finish wrapping the stems of my bouquets... I need to get the right color of ribbon for that. Also need to finish my wedding favors (tealights wrapped in tulle with a ribbon and tag saying "each thime this candle lights up the room, say a prayer for the bride and groom")

    NWR- Working tomorrow, and hopefully get to enjoy most of Sunday off. FI and I usually try to take our boxer puppy to the off leash park to get rid of some of his energy!!

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  • Rant:  It's not 5pm yet ;)

    Rave:  I get to go to my first WR party this weekend, a friend's Bridal Shower :)
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  • WR: I'm hoping to get some chalkboard paint and try painting the bottoms of wineglasses this weekend, which I plan on using as my favors for my guests. We'll see how it goes! (I got the idea off Pinterest - I'm so addicted to that site)

    NWR: Otherwise, no plans, really. Hopefully a laid back weekend.
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  • MrsAshley, your puppy is adorable!

    WR: Meet with potential officiant Saturday, attending a little wedding show at my wedding venue on Sunday (excuse to eat free donuts), pick some bakers, make up artists, and photo booths to contact for availability.

    NWR: Enjoy potential sun?
  • Rave:   We closed on our house yesterday and got the keys at 9pm last night.   Our agent met us there with a bottle of champagne and mini flashlights (the power had been turned off as the previous owner hadn't paid the electric bill).

    Rant:  The previous owner still has a bunch of crap at the house. 

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