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Kitchen Deal Bragging

Our favorite local kitchen store was having their anniversary party and an overstock sale, so of course we went to check it out.

We picked up this bad boy: for $60!  Regular $180, they sell for $150 and had marked down to $59.99.  

We were at the counter when the mananger of the store, Rocky, looks at us and said, "You just got a helluva deal on this.  It's supposed to be $115, someone marked this wrong."  I told him there was another one marked the same way, so he ran out and grabbed the tag.  I'd feel worse, but we buy stuff there at least once a month, not always high end stuff, but we're regulars.  Heck, Rocky knows our name when we get up there (they save all your purchases in an account for you).  They've made their money off of us.

That bad boy is AWESOME.  DH sharpened all of our knives when we got home and they were so so so so much better.  Cut through tomato and pepper skin like soft butter.

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