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i took a long lunch today and drove to Nordstrom to pick up my suit. Somehow they hadn't finished the work, so they said they'd finish in an hour and comp the alterations charge.

I already had lunch plans with DK so we went to the cheesecake factory since it was in the mall.

alterations finished in an hour and it looks good.

DK has my cheesecake so I am looking forward to going home and nomming tonight.

Re: lunch

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    the customer service was very good (i didn't ask for the comp, they just offered) - the personal shopper program was fun. I will do it again.

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    I wish I could justify a personal shopper for sweats and yoga pants.  ;) 

    And now I want Cheesecake Factory. 
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    WzzWzz member
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    that is an awesome deal.

    my lunch is some quick pastina and butter while sitting at my sad little home office desk.
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    Nice!  I hope that suit finds it's way to a great interview.
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    Yummmm cheesecake. So jealousE.

    My lunch was a Starbucks Bistro Box and a greek yogurt parfait. I have to say- it was pretty tasty. Goat cheese, crackers, and veggies with tzatziki dip. The parfait was meh.
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    I adore Cheesecake Factory.  We don't have any in MI.  Dammit.

    I want my pasta and Choc truffle cake!!!
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