Wedding Woes


I'm starving. i'm going to make some white rice and enjoy some BBQ pork with it.

so healthy. ;)

Re: WFL?

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    Leftover bratwurst soup.  Sounds odd, but it was quite good- celery, onion, carrots, cabbage, white beans and bratwurst. 
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    I had chicken and fries.   I'm hungry again.  Blerg.
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    Hot and sour soup bowl with tuna fish. Yeah, that's gonna last me an hour, maybe two.
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    breakfast was a greek yogurt and a plum

    we had our department lunch today - i had a steak fajita burrito, chips and various dips, a salad, and dessert. 

    I'm already hungry and finished my pear. 

    I still have an orange, but i'm trying to save something for later in the afternoon, since I'm going to the gym after work. 

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    I did my chickpea salad that I love love love love.
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    A Jimmy Johns turkey bacon club unwich (lettuce wrap), a bag of BBQ potato chips and an apple.
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