Weirdest vendor meeting ever...sort of.

I had the craziest meeting with a potential baker for our wedding cake this morning.  Now, I'm not sure what to do.

So first off, I was dumb enough to schedule a cake tasting at 9:30 this morning.  I ended up going alone because my darling fiance went out and drank his face off last night and was in no condition to see the light of day, so I was kind of pissed to begin with.  But that's a whole different rant.  Anyhoo, so I get to the arranged meeting place, and wait.  And wait.  And then, 15 minutes after we're supposed to meet, I get a phone call from her.  She just woke up, and slept through her alarm and she's crying.  She told me she'd be there in 20 minutes with samples and I told her I'd just bring them home so we could try them later.  When she got there (20 minutes later, true to her word), she had a slight meltdown on me, crying and telling me about her super overloaded work/home/family schedule she's dealing with right now.  She handed me contract paperwork and told me that if we do agree to use her she'd give us 25% off our total bill.  I felt bad for her and ended up consoling her and telling her it was NBD, but it was weird.  Really weird.  

So...the cake samples were A-MAZING.  Every single review of her is awesome.  There are no complaints, and there are a number of knotties that have used her and gave her A+ reviews.  I'm just a little nervous now after this morning.  Plus, when I initially contacted her, she took almost a whole week to respond, which I found a little concerning.  Should I take this as a giant red flag and run, or just chalk it up to her having a really, really bad day and happily take advantage of my healthy discount?
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Re: Weirdest vendor meeting ever...sort of.

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    Which vendor was it?
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    If your cake budget could really use the help with the deep discount, you should book her.  If absolutely ZERO of the reviews on here are negative (late delivery, product not as ordered, etc), then it seems you just got her on a really off day.

    But if you do have extra money in your cake budget, it might be a good idea to book someone else, so you don't have to worry or have any doubt about your cake when you are getting closer and closer to the wedding day.
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    We are going to do a tasting with one more shop, just to be sure, but after giving this lots of thought, I do believe we caught her at a bad time.  She also sent me a long, heartfelt email apologizing for the breakdown and explaining herself in depth a little more.  She did explain that her circumstances right now are temporary (husband is on deployment, has a 3 1/2 yo daughter to watch, and had a death in her family last week as well), and I think that would be enough to fill anybody's plate.  At least the wedding isn't until April so her situation should calm down long before then.

    As far as budget goes, we have room, but we're obviously trying to keep things as tight as possible (since we are keeping all leftover $$ and I need a new washer and dryer, lol).

    Thanks MGoss!

    PS.  I left her name out purposely to save her dignity.  I know that other knotties have used her and she's really sweet, so I want her to remain anonymous. :)
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