1st alterations with Darcy

Ss i just spent $310 to have somebody tell me i need to lose weight..

argh totally my fault for buying the dress too small ( i blame my mom's influence)
but i just feel like its a TON of money to be spending for the alterations and im feeling had for some reason. 

Darcy knows what she's doing and she is super friendly and whatnot, but i just felt she was kinda pushy and like I wasn't able to advocate for myself very well. Definately wish i had somebody there with me..

Another bride was picking up her dress at the same time of my fitting and she kept raving about Darcy and i know that so many people say good things about her, i think im just worried that such major things are being doing to the dress (train shortened/bustled, seams completely taken out ) that im just worried its not going to look quite right.  I wasn't 100% happy with the bustle, so she's taking off some fabric, but its like I don't know exactly what its going to look like im freaking out.  My dress is really the one thing I care about at the wedding. At least i will find out in two weeks (my next fitting) and there will still be time to make any changes.
until then, i will be on my treadmill. (sigh)

Re: 1st alterations with Darcy

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    Glad to hear you've got time after the next fitting if needed.  $310 sounds about right for what she's doing.  I paid a smidgen bit more than that for the work she did on my dress.  Did you mention your concerns to her about the fit/style of the dress not looking right after the seams being taken out, etc?  If so, what did she say?  If not, I would call her and ask her on the phone while (hopefully) you & your dress are still pretty fresh in her mind. 

    As for the weight loss, one thing that might help is watch your sodium intake.  It's amazing how much sodium we consume even by making our own food, but if you are able to cut back on sodium & increase H20 (and cut out caffiene) it might help with bloating/water retention. 

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